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XF200 Laces

Ergonomic Relaxed Fit for Comfortable Everyday Application.


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XF-Series features a Flat Lace with a self-forming TAPERED Flat Knot design, making XF laces the easiest to lace-up and adjust in the Xtenex Accu-Fit Lace Series. TAPERED Flat Knot design blocks the lace from involuntary lace migration and holds a custom ergonomic fit to your feet.

XF offers a more traditional lacing experience but delivers the functionality and benefits of Accu-Fit lace technology by adjusting the compression fit at each eyelet.

The XF-Series offers a superior reliable fit compared to the typical "bungee/elastic" laces

To lace and adjust XF-Series:

Stretch the lace by pulling it through the eyelet (this will reduce the size of the blocking knot), select the desired compression index* then release to set, repeat the fitting process at each eyelet to set a radial compression footwear fit.

**Adjustable Compression Index (number of knots between eyelets)
   Less knots between eyelets = Tightens fit.
   More knots between eyelets = Loosens fit.