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Shoe eyelet's come in many different styles and sizes, X-series laces are available in four different diameter sizes to match the performance needs for each eyelet size.

  • X-300 is the most popular in sport footwear
  • X-200 accommodates smaller eyelet styles common in specialty running footwear, ideal in fashion footwear.
  • X-400 is a good choice for large eyelet fashion footwear and boot wear
  • X-502 Snowboard boot lace
X-Series laces feature "Self-Forming", FLARED shaped Knots, optimally designed to block-in a semi-permanent, no-tie fitting.

Tailor fit X-Series laces around your foot support needs by moving the adjustable compression knot (indexes) through each eyelet, select a compression knot index* that offers you the best support, comfort and fit, then release to set, repeat the fitting process at each eyelet to customize an ergonomic footwear supporting fit.

*Compression Index (number of knots set between eyelets)
   Less knots between eyelets = Tightens fit.
   More knots between eyelets = Loosens fit.